Please read carefully the information below before starting your registration!




You must create an account on ArtistDB database. It is necessary to use your e-mail as username and remember the password. Afterward, you must confirm the registration by clicking the link you will receive by e-mail (please note, it could appear in your SPAM folder, check this folder if you will not receive the e-mail quickly). 

Important: one e-mail address = one user; it is not possible to register more than one user while using one e-mail address.




  1. Insert YOUTUBE link with a video recording of a free program (maximum 3 links, A, B, C group total duration 5-10 minutes, D group from 10 to 15 minutes).

  2.  The video must not be edited. It might include recordings from different times. Also can be repeated from the competition program. The organisers must receive the video not later than 22 March 2023.

  3. You should have on your computer a portrait picture with a minimum resolution of 1000x1000 pixels in .jpg .jpeg  or .png formats. If the picture is smaller than 1000x1000 pixels or bigger than 5 MB, you will not be able to upload it.  In the catalog of the competition, the pictures will be in black and white, it doesn't matter whether you will submit a coloured or a black and white photo. 

  4. Prepare your SHORT biography (up to 150 words) which can be written during the registration process in a text field (as well you can provide it by submitting a link to your web site or adding text file). If your biography is in file format, it should be .doc*,.rtf, .odt or .txt formats, the file must not exceed 1MB. If the biography of yours will exceed the limit of 150 words, the editor will shorten it at his/her discretion, so please submit a proper length biography with the most important content.

  5. You should scan any official personal ID document in .pdf, .jpg or .png  format, where the date of birth and your name (-s) and surname (-s) must be clearly visible.

  6. You should decide, how you will pay the participation fee.

More information about registration and payments:

Jolanta Kundrotaitė, tel.:, WhatsUp, Viber +370 699 31 852, e-paštas:​


Kind request:  For your own convenience, we kindly ask you to register as early as possible within the set registration dates, so that we could assure the proper help and assistance for you!

You will be able to correct the submitted data anytime until the end of the registration deadline!