A ir B groups:

I vieta - 400 Eur;
II vieta - 300 Eur;
III vieta - 200 Eur.

C group:

I vieta - 1000 Eur;
II vieta - 700 Eur;
III vieta - 500 Eur.

Professional D group:

I vieta - 8000 Eur;
II vieta - 5000 Eur;
III vieta - 3000 Eur.


Other prizes:

    • David Geringas prize: 1) an invitation to take part in his cello master classes at the Blackmore International Music Academy in Berlin (an in-kind award, waiving of tuition fees for 4 private lessons worth €250 each, exclusive of travel and accommodation expenses in Berlin);
    • Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society prize: solo appearance with the orchestra conducted by David Geringas during the season 2024–2025;
    • Liepāja Symphony Orchestra prize: solo performance with the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra during the season 2024–2025;
    • Pau Casals Foundation and Klaipėda Concert Hall prize: an invitation to visit Barcelona and a free three-day stay for 2 persons (cellist and pianist), during which the prize-winner and the pianist will be provided with an opportunity to visit the Pau Casals Museum in El Vendrell, record a short promotional video at Pau Casals’ Music Room, and take part in a free promotional event in Barcelona, which will include a 15-minute pre-concert talk and a solo appearance of the prize-winner with the pianist at one of the venues in central Barcelona (an in-kind award includes travel expenses to / from Barcelona, all transfers in Spain, accommodation in Barcelona for two persons, organization of a promotional event in Barcelona and production of the video in El Vendrell);
    • Diploma for the best interpretation of Tadas Petrulis’ Pier for cello and piano (from the compulsory repertoire of Group C);
    • Diploma for the best interpretation of Anatolijus Šenderovas‘ Sonata for cello and piano (from the compulsory repertoire of Group D).
    • a cello-case backpack (sponsored by the Klaipėda Concert Hall).

Please note: Organizers of the competition reserve the right to change the list of special prizes.